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Classic Series – 6cm


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Classic Series – 6cm

The Classic Series – 6cm. This is our largest fly series. We call them Classics because of the way they are tied. A wing dividing the front hackles and with the balancing 1/2 turbo cone as head. To tie with the 1/2 turbo demands a few tricks. Most of the wing ready before the last hackle and then ending with the last few strands of wing. Most of our flies originates from this family, the complex fly with all ingredients. To us these are the most fun to both tie and fish – they are the Classics of our time.

Erstklassige Lachsfliegen vom auf der ganzen Welt bekannten Fliegenbinder und Lachsfischer Mikael Frödin.

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Black Green Helmet, Nasty Banana, Sillen, The Witch

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